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MHFA (Singapore) Executive Committee (MEC)

The role of MEC is to develop and regulate all MHFA(S) activities to ensure compliance to the License Agreement with MHFA Australia. † Hence the key responsibilities of MEC are to:


Members of MEC

Membership to the Committee is by invitation from incumbent MEC members. All members are to carry out their duties as directed and agreed upon by MEC. The pre-requisites to becoming a member of MEC are as follows: must be a certified trainer for the MHFA(S) TTI programme or specific modules & the status of instructor must be in good standing. MEC members are appointed for a period of two (2) years, subject to renewal via votes from MEC members


Provides direction for developing MHFA(S) & ensure sustainability of all MHFA(S) related activities.

DY Chairperson

To assist Chairperson to oversee MHFA(S) programs & stand-in for Chairperson when necessary.

Programme Manager

This member must be a CGH employee as MHFA(S) is under the auspices of CGH. The PM will facilitate the group of Clinical Experts, Program Development and Standards & Accreditation.
The key roles of PM are to liaise with MHFA (Australia), MHFA (International) and MHFA(S) Instructors with respect to training matters, updates etc, and, be actively involved in representing MHFA(S) with respect to Standards & Accreditation.

Secretariat/ Admin Advisor

The role is to support Chairperson & Dy Chairperson in minutes of meetings and provide administrative inputs and advise with respect to funding, logistics etc where relevant.

Clinical Expert & Program Development Groups

Members in the Program Development group will help to contextualize and develop new MHFA teaching materials for the target audience as the Clinical Experts members develop the clinical materials and ensure that both the teaching and participants materials are evidence-based. Hence these two groups work in tandem in the development of new MHFA programs.

Standards & Accreditation Group

  • Review teaching and TTI materials, publications and videos
  • Collaborate with specific program developers on TTI requirements and contents
  • Establish pre-requisites criteria for TTI trainers
  • Ensure standards & quality of certifying new instructors or re-certification program
  • Investigate and recommend non-complying instructors to MEC for disciplinary action

Advisory Group

Appointed by MEC, these Honorary roles are to contribute relevant subject-matter expertise and advice MEC & various groups where required.



Organizational Structure of MEC


MEC Members

Chairperson: Dr Angelina Chan
Dy Chairperson: Dr Tang Hui Kheng
Program Manager: Lim Kok Peng
Secretariat/Admin Advisors:
Aradhana Gulati, Jocelyn Chong

Members: Dr Wong Hon Khuan,
Dr Jasmine Pang, Teo Yan Wen,
Dr Donald Yeo, Koh Hwan Jing,
Teresa Moh

Advisory Group: Dr Ng Li Ling,
Dr Chia Boon Hock, Dr Bi Bi Jan, Chamb Cherk Ing, Patricia Lim, Joachim Lee, Jeannie Koh


Our Certified MHFA(S) Instructors

Dr Angelina Chan
MB. BS (Singapore), MMed (Psychiatry), FAMS
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Trauma Recovery & Corporate Solutions, Changi General Hospital

Dr. Angelina Chan is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Changi General Hospital, with a special interest in psychological trauma, crisis and early intervention mental health programs. Since 1997 she has been involved in the area of disaster mental health through her various appointments over the years such as the National CARE Management System, AusAID funded PRADETTL, Singapore International Foundation etc. From FY 07-11 she assisted in the implementation of the Ministry of Health(MOH) Hospital Based Integrated Mental Health Teams under the National Mental Health Plan in Singapore, was also awarded the MOH Health Services Development Programme funding to set up Peer Support Programs in the Restructured Public Hospitals. She is presently the Chairman of Mental Health First Aid (Singapore) Executive Committee and has been an ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) certified instructor since 2008.


Mr Lim Kok Peng
MSc I/O Psychology (Baruch College, CUNY), BA (NUS), Graduate Diplomas in Organisational Learning and Human Resource Management 
Manager, Training & Development, Trauma Recovery & Corporate Solutions, Changi General Hospital

Mr Lim Kok Peng is the lead trainer for Trauma Recovery & Corporate Solutions.  He coordinates and provides consultation, training and psychological support services to clients to manage the diversity of traumatic events and to minimize the psychological impact on the organization and employees. Mr Lim has worked with several government agencies, private organizations and the restructured hospitals to establish crisis response frameworks for their employees.  He is a member of Changi General Hospital Crisis Support Team and has provided crisis intervention services to hospital staff and corporate clients.  Mr Lim is a certified instructor and Programme Manager for the Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme and an ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) approved trainer for several crisis intervention courses.  He is an affiliate faculty member of Resiliency Sciences Institutes, International, at UMBC Training Centers and an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association. 


Ms Joyce Ng
MPhil in Education, University of Cambridge (UK), PGDE (NTU-NIE), BA (NUS)
Leadership in Crises, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Executive Education
Head of Department, TRaCS, Changi General Hospital
Chairperson, CGH Peer Network, Changi General Hospital

Ms Joyce Ng provides consultation in matters related to workplace mental health, emergency response and planning, as well as crisis intervention for employees at Changi General Hospital (CGH). She also provides consultation to contracted corporate clients and responds to workplace incidents. Her role as Chairperson of CGH Peer Network oversees the psychological and emotional well-being of staff in CGH through direct peer supporting and planning of outreach programmes for the service. Ms Ng was the CARE Coordinator for Ministry of Education, providing consultation on managing critical incidents in schools. She provided psychological support to students and staff who were affected by the incidents. Currently, she conducts workshops on crisis management, parenting and effective communication. A qualified Youth Mental Health First Aid and ICISF approved instructor for individuals and groups, she is an educator at heart and a strong advocate for mental health education to the community.


Ms Teo Yan Wen
Masters in Clinical Psychology (Australian National University)
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Medicine, Changi General Hospital

Ms Teo Yan Wen currently provides inpatient and outpatient services for a range of psychological disorders at Changi General Hospital, with special interests in child and adolescent mental health as well as psychological trauma. She has provided therapy and psychological assessments for children at the KK Children’s and Women’s Hospital in her role as a visiting psychologist. She has also worked with at-risk youths, parents and teachers, conducting and developing youth-focused programmes at The Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres. A certified trainer for Adult Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Singapore programmes, Ms Teo is also part of the programme development team for YMHFA.


Ms Teresa Moh Ailing
Masters in Clinical Psychology (University of Melbourne- National University of Singapore)
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Medicine, Changi General Hospital

Ms Teresa Moh had been a therapist working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) before receiving further training in various institutions and hospitals in Singapore through postgraduate studies in the area of mental health assessment and therapy. Currently, she is a Clinical Psychologist in Changi General Hospital, providing assessment and therapy services for patients with a range of psychological disorders. She has a special interest in working with adolescents and young people with ASD, and is part of the Adolescent team in the hospital.


Ms Junisha Jumala
BSc (Hons) UK (Physiotherapy)
Principal Physiotherapist, Rehabilitative Services, Changi General Hospital

Ms Junisha Jumala is a team member of the Community Psychogeriatric Programme which is dedicated to improving the mental health of older persons living in the eastern region of Singapore. Her work involves providing training, consultation and support for community eldercare agencies as well as conducting on-site mental health and fall risk assessments and interventions of older persons in the community.  She has special interests in geriatrics particularly in the area of falls prevention, exercise and physical activity for older adults. Her clinical work includes providing home-based physiotherapy consultations and treatment for Changi General Hospital (CGH) patients who are unable to access centre-based therapy service.   Ms Junisha is an ACTA certified trainer and her training experience includes conducting lectures and workshops for other healthcare professionals, eldercare staff and volunteers as well as members of the public. She has been active in CGH community outreach projects such as CHAMPS (Community Health Ambassadors Programme), HOPES (Health Outreach Programme for Empowering Seniors) and No Falls Project for Sheltered Homes.


Dr Chaw Yen Fern
B. Soc. Sci (Hons) (NUS), D Psych (Clinical) (UQ, Australia)
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Psychological Medicine, Changi General Hospital

Dr Chaw Yen Fern is a Clinical Psychologist with Changi General Hospital, who is involved in providing psychological assessment and therapy services to individuals presenting with various psychological illnesses. She is also a team member of the Community Psychogeriatric Programme and is involved in providing training, consultation and support for staff of community eldercare agencies.  Her teaching experience includes conducting training workshops to healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, therapists, as well as community eldercare staff. 


Dr Wong Hon Khuan
M.B.B.S. (National University of Singapore)
Senior Resident Physician, Psychological Medicine, Changi General Hospital

Dr Wong Hon Khuan is a Senior Resident Physician from the Department of Psychological Medicine at Changi General Hospital. Since graduation from National University of Singapore, he has rotated through various other medical disciplines before settling in psychiatry. Having a keen interest in old-age psychiatry, he is now actively involved in the education and training of healthcare professionals within the institution as well as staff from external agencies involved in looking after the mental well-being of the elderly through his role as a member of Community Psychogeriatric Programme.


Ms Anuradha Kaliappan
BA (Hons) Malaysia (Psychology Counselling), Grad Dip UNISIM (Social Work)
Medical Social Worker, Medical Social Services, Changi General Hospital

Ms Anuradha Kaliappan is a team member of the Community Psychogeriatric Programme which is dedicated to improving the mental health of older persons living in the eastern region of Singapore.  Her work involves providing training, consultation and support for community eldercare agencies as well as conducting on-site mental health and social assessments and interventions of older persons in the community. She is also working closely with older persons and the caregivers when the older persons are being admitted to the Changi General Hospital. She has special interests in geriatrics particularly in the area of dementia. Her clinical work includes conduct bio psychosocial assessment and linking the older person and the caregivers to appropriate community resources.


Ms Kuo Yen Chun
Master in Occupational Therapy, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Senior Occupational Therapist, Rehabilitative Services, Changi General Hospital   

Ms Kuo Yen Chun is a Senior Occupational Therapist who has extensive experiences in mental health and has a special interest in geriatric psychiatry. She graduated with a master degree in 2009 from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. Before coming to Singapore, she worked in Taiwan for 3.5 years; experienced in areas of mental health for adults, work rehabilitation, etc. Since 2010, she continues her profession in Changi General Hospital and specializes in geriatric psychiatry. Now she is a team member of the Community Psychogeriatric Programme, her responsibilities include OT clinical service, consultancy service and training.


Mr Sahnan Bin Rahim
Senior Staff Nurse, Community Psychogeriatric Programme, Changi General Hospital

Mr Sahnan Rahim is a mental health trained nurse with more than 10 years of nursing experience. He graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing from Griffith University, Australia. He has worked with both adults and elderly with medical and psychiatric conditions. Trained in dementia care, he currently provides home based assessment and education to clients and carers, community elderly screening and mental health training.


Ms Kingslin Ho
BSc in Occupational Therapy (University of Sydney)
Senior Occupational Therapist

Ms Kingslin Ho is a senior occupational therapist with more than 5 years of clinical experience in an acute hospital setting. She works with people with a wide range of mental health issues and also people with brain injuries. She has a keen interest in old age psychiatry including dementia and also cognitive rehabilitation. Ms Kingslin is an ACTA certified trainer and provides training, consultation and support for staff of community eldercare agencies and also conducts on-site assessments for home safety and independent living in the community.


Dr Ng Wei Fern 
MBBS (National University of Singapore)
Resident Physician, Psychological Medicine, Community Psychogeriatric Programme
Changi General Hospital

Dr Ng Wei Fern is currently a Resident Physician with the Department of Psychological Medicine in Changi General Hospital. While grappling with her mischievous pre-schooler and all the usual stress of living in Singapore, she finds it fulfilling to spend time with the mentally ill. She believes that patients with mental health disorders deserve better care and their loved ones, greater support. She hopes to make that closer to reality through greater mental health awareness with Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme.


Ms Lim P’ing-Ping Joy
BSc (Hons)
Psychologist, Community Psychogeriatric Programme, Changi General Hospital
Ms Joy Lim has been researching on topics in mental health of older adults both in the community and at the hospital since 1996. She has several publications in international peer reviewed journals. Her special interest is in the area of dementia and depression. She has been actively involved in the assessment and intervention of people with dementia as well as older adults with mental health issues. Ms Lim is an ACTA certified trainer and has been actively involved in training eldercare staff in the community, at hospitals and nursing homes on topics in common mental health issues in older adults and specific topics on working with and engaging people with dementia.   


Ms Emily Tan
B.A. (Social Work), NUS
Senior Medical Social Workers, Singapore General Hospital

Ms Emily Tan started her social work career with Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in 1996. At IMH, Emily provided counselling to patients and their families who have difficulties coping with the psychosocial issues arising from the ill mental health, with focus on marital and family work. She conducted psycho-education program for families of patients too. 
From psychiatric setting to acute medical setting, Emily subsequently joined Alexandra Hospital (AH) in 2003, where she worked extensively with individuals, families and groups on the emotional and behavioral aspects of diabetes and renal.  She was actively involved in diabetes and renal group education. Other involvements include attending to patients with suicide attempts/ ideation, domestic violence issues, etc.  When AH shifted north to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Emily spearheaded the staff crisis management program that focus on training and providing emotional support and intervention to staff who are involved in traumatic incidents or stressful situations.  Presently at Singapore General Hospital, Emily supports patients and their families from Burns Unit, Intensive Care Unit and Trauma Service under the Department of General Surgery, in their psychosocial-emotional needs. She is a certified International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) trainer for the Assisting Individuals with Crisis course and qualified instructor for Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme.


Ms Tracy Wee
M. Science (Family and Systemic Psychotherapy)
Grad Dip (Social Work & Counselling)
B.A. (NUS)
Senior Medical Social Worker, Institute of Mental Health

Ms Tracy Wee is a Senior Medical Social Worker with the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), and is trained in the areas of family violence and crisis management. She is a qualified trainer for Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme and certified ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) instructor for the Assisting Individuals with Crisis course. She is presently spearheading the Staff Support and Assistance Programme in IMH that focuses on training and providing emotional support and intervention to staff who are involved in traumatic incidents or stressful situations.
As a qualified social worker and systemic psychotherapist, Tracy works comprehensively with individuals and families afflicted with mental health problems. Apart from performing case management, psychoeducation, psychosocial and risk assessments, Tracy also provides extensive individual, marital and family counselling to her patients and their families.


Ms Soh Hwei Lee
Bachelor in Occupational Therapy
Private Practice

Ms Soh Hwei Lee has been working as an Occupational Therapist since 1998. Her experience is in adults and older persons with physical and mental health conditions, at hospital and community-based settings. She was the Principal Occupational Therapist in Institute of Mental Health, working with older persons with mental disorders. She presented during Asia Pacific Psychiatric Rehabilitation Conference (2008) and Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists Psychogeriatric Symposium (2010), was involved in MCYS pilot project to make day centres dementia friendly (2010), IMH dementia-friendly ward project (2010), member of IMH workgroup for the infrastructure design of St Andrew's Nursing Home (2010), Dementia Care taskforce to develop new dementia day centre guidelines (2011), development of IMH Touchscreen Cognitive Stimulating programme product together with Institute of Technical Education (2011), latest version of the Older Person Mental Health First Aid manual (2011), setup of the IMH Memory Clinic (2012). She is also a qualified trainer with a WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and currently contributes her clinical and training expertise to empower Community Resource, Engagement and Support Teams in the central regions to support elderly with dementia and depression, and building up capability of new Senior Care Centres in the central region to cater to elderly with dementia.


Ms Kong Lai Yee
Master in Social Work, University of Singapore Institute of Management (Unisim)
Bachelor of Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore(NUS)
Principal Medical Social Worker, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Ms Kong Lai Yee is a registered Social Worker and started working with elderly patients and their families at Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for the past 2 decades. During her work in IMH, she supported Psycho-geriatric team (both in inpatient and outpatient settings) and Aged Psychiatry Community Assessment and Treatment Service and actively network as well as providing training to service providers in the community.
From psychiatric setting to acute medical setting, Lai Yee continues to work with individuals and their families in the Department of Geriatric Medicine and is supporting Assessment and Shared Care Team led by psychiatrist in Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. She is a qualified instructor for Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme and has an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment.


Ms Koh Hwan Jing
MSc Mental Health Studies
BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy
Manager, Training and Development, Alzheimer’s Disease Association (Singapore)

Ms Koh Hwan Jing has a wide range of experiences engaging with persons with mental illness and their caregivers.  Her clinical experience includes working with adults and older persons with mental illness at various hospitals, such as acute inpatient psychiatric care, outpatient mental health services, psychiatric rehabilitation, early intervention for post-traumatic stress, and dementia care services.  She has provided teaching, clinical supervision and mentorship to both pre-professional and qualified Occupational Therapists in her areas of expertise. 

Hwan Jing is currently Manager, Trainer and Consultant Occupational Therapist at the Alzheimers’ Disease Association Resource and Training Centre, providing in-house and public training programmes for professional and family caregivers of people with dementia, as well as consultancy services for agencies supporting people with dementia.  She has attained the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, is a qualified instructor for Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme, and certified in Dementia Care Mapping (Basic User).


Ms Goh Soo Cheng
B.A.(Social Work), Postgraduate Diploma (Solution-focused Brief Therapy)
Master in Social Science (Social Work), Diploma (Clinical Supervision)
Principal Medical Social Worker, Singapore General Hospital

Ms Goh Soo Cheng is a Principal Medical Social Worker at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH). She works with patients and their families to assist them in coping with their illnesses and changes that entails, helping patients in their journey through their illness trajectory. She is currently supporting the renal transplant team and also manages domestic violence cases. Prior to joining SGH, she had extensive experience working with families facing divorce, custody or family violence situations as a Senior Social Worker in the Subordinate Courts. 

Besides conducting Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme, Soo Cheng has also been actively involved in curriculum development and running of departmental training programmes in topics like domestic violence and advanced training workshops for senior staff. She is also a faculty member of SGH’s Postgraduate Allied Health Institute and have been appointed teaching faculty for SingHealth Residency’s “Interpersonal and Communication Skills Competency” workshops since 2013, as well as facilitate workshops under the Academic Medicine Education Institute’s faculty development programs.


Dr Jasmine Pang
BA (NUS), BA (Hon) Psych (UQ, Australia), DPsych (Clin) (UQ, Australia)
Principal Clinical Psychologist & Assistant Director, Clinical and Forensic Psychology Branch, Rehabilitation and Protection Group, Ministry of Social and Family Development

Dr Jasmine Pang is a registered Clinical Psychologist as well as an approved Clinical Supervisor with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency. She has worked with adults, children, adolescents and parents in various communities, hospital outpatient and inpatient settings in both Singapore and Australia. She also completed a visiting fellowship at Women's College Hospital (University of Toronto), Canada in the treatment of survivors of childhood abuse. Dr Pang currently oversees the Implementation of Clinical Interventions Unit at the Clinical and Forensic Psychology Service, Ministry of Social and Family Development in Singapore providing and supporting evidence based clinical interventions to vulnerable children, adolescents and families nationally. Prior to her current appointment, Dr Pang was part of the Psychotraumatology Service at Changi General Hospital (CGH) and a member of CGH Peer Network. She was also a Visiting Consultant Psychologist and the Deputy Head of the Psychosocial Trauma Support Service at KK Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Besides trauma recovery and resiliency, her interests include crisis response, parenting as well as child and adolescent mental health.  As a qualified trainer for AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) Singapore programmes, Dr Pang is part of the programme development team of MHFA and headed the programme development team for YMHFA. She is concurrently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore.


Dr Donald Yeo
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)

Private Practice @ KALL Psychological & Counselling Services

Dr Donald Yeo is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with a special interest in the psychological aspects of ageing and dementia. From his academic education, clinical practice, research, supervision and teaching experience in Singapore, Melbourne and Nottingham, he has acquired professional expertise in the neuropsychological evaluation of patients with neurological disorders and psycho-educational support for their family caregivers. He is passionate about developing and supporting innovative initiatives in Person Centred Dementia Care. He is a qualified trainer for AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aid) and MHFAOP (Older Person Mental Health First Aid) Singapore programmes.


Ms Joanne Goh
Master in Social Work, University of Queensland (Australia)
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work, NUS (Singapore)
Principal Medical Social Worker, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Ms Joanne Goh’s field of specialization is in management of emotionally traumatized adult victim of sexual assault and management of children with allegation of child abuse.  Her job scope also includes supervisions of junior Medical Social Workers within the department and NUS students on attachment. Joanne also has a keen interest in providing training.  To date, she has conducted training for AWARE volunteers, Police Officers from Central Division, Medical Social Workers (as part of the MSW chapter training) and KK Children’s and Women’s Hospital nurses. In addition, she is one of the two trainers who developed the entire abortion counseling training module for Doctors and Nurses. This is a MOH accredited course and is conducted annually.


Mr Laley Bin Senawi
Advance Diploma in Mental Health Science, Diploma in Applied Psychology,
BA in Psychology (Counselling) - American Humanistic University, Group Therapy from Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry, USA, Kansas City
Nurse Clinician/Nurse Manager, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Mr Laley graduated from nursing school as a registered Nurse in 1988. He was posted to Psychological Medicine Department and General Medicine after he graduated from his advance specialty in mental health science nursing studies. He has also experienced nursing the patients in the NeuroScience Intensive Care Unit dealing with acute confusional state and those undergone brain surgery. He obtained his Diploma in Applied Psychology from Lee Community College and pursued his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and concentration on Counselling skills from the American Humanistic University.   He attended his Overseas HMDP Scholarship training on Group Therapy in Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry, USA Kansas. He has numerous involvements with the Boys Home, Jamiyah Children Home and others, doing counselling for the young and adolescent in crisis. Mr Laley has recently received an MOH Merit Award 2015 and he is currently managing clinically for a newly opened Inpatient and Ambulatory Outpatient cases in a multidisciplinary setting in Tan Tock Seng Hospital.


Ms Diana Koh
BA majored in Social Work (NUS), MSS majored in Social Work (NUS), Dip in Clinical Hypnosis
Senior Principal Medical Social Worker, National University Hospital

Ms Diana Koh graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Master Degree in Social Sciences, majoring in Social Work.  She has worked with patients of various age groups. Currently she is with the National University Hospital (NUH), and is working with patients in the Medical Intensive Unit, Human Organ and Transplant Act cases, and liver transplant.  In addition, Diana works with patients and their families who have traumatic experiences due to crisis, trauma etc.  She is the Head of NUH CARE-Buddies Program to provide psychological support to the NUH staff. 


Dr Ann-Marie Lew
Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), University of California, Los Angeles
B.A. (Psychology), Summa cum Laude, Princeton University
MBA, Oxford University

Associate Director, Centre for Future Ready Graduates (CFG); National University of Singapore

Dr Ann-Marie Lew is Head of Research and a member of the Personal Development team at CFG. The PD team at CFG runs courses that help university students develop healthy skills and mindsets, become more intrapersonally and interpersonally effective, and be better prepared for the future.


Mr Raymond Yuen
BSc (Exercise Physiology)
Manager, University Health Centre, National University of Singapore

Mr Raymond Yuen is responsible for the National University of Singapore (NUS) Wellness Programme which focuses on facilitating health enhancement and disease prevention for more than 7000 staff. This includes training and talks on areas such as Mental Health, Ergonomics, Nutrition and Sports Performance.  Mr Yuen is one of the first few instructors of (AMHFA) Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme in NUS and continues to meet the increasing demand for the programme by both staff and students. He also conducts training and talks on a wide variety of holistic health issues for both corporations and non-profit organizations.


Mr Yam Guan Shyh
B Eng (Mechanical & Production), BCCE, CMCE
Head, Emergency Management Division, Office of Safety, Health & Environment, National University of Singapore

Mr Yam Guan Shyh is responsible for the university-wide emergency preparedness and management. The main focus is to facilitate the faculties, schools, departments and offices in their emergency preparedness and business continuity readiness. This includes policy formulation, planning and co-ordination, acquisition and equipping, inspection, auditing and training. The coverage includes fire safety of the facilities, life safety in the university, as well as the staffs’ and students’ organized events. He is also the chief facilitator in driving the Business Continuity Management in the university.  He is one of the pioneer accredited AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme Instructor, and aims to promote first aid skill set in mental health to National University of Singapore and the wider community. Through this course, he hopes to increase awareness on the importance of mental health, and increase proficiency among individuals to render assistance to those who suffer from mental illnesses.


Ms Florence Yoo
Master in Counselling (Monash University, Australia)
Head of Wellbeing Services, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Ms Florence Yoo is a registered Counsellor with the Singapore Association for Counselling and a registered Social Service Practitioner with the Singapore Association of Social Workers.  She is currently the Head of Wellbeing Services at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) where she provides counselling, crisis intervention, and conducts talks and courses for SUTD staff and students.  She has over 10 years’ experience as a Counsellor and Trainer in school and community settings. She is interested in delivering AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aid) Singapore programme to those interested in developing better understanding of mental health and skills in applying Mental Health First Aid. She wants to reduce stigma about mental illness by providing information about mental illness.


Mr. Mohammad Fazulee Bin Abdul Rahman
Senior Manager, Office of Health, Safety and Environment, National University of Singapore

Mr Mohammad Fazulee
is with the Emergency Management Division under the Office of Health, Safety and Environment of the National University of Singapore (NUS).   He is part of a team of NUS Mental Health Instructors that conduct runs of the AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aider) Singapore programme for the NUS Community.  Having responded to several suicide cases as a senior officer with the Singapore Civil Defense Force, he also shares his experience as the lead instructor for the ‘Suicide Awareness for NUS First Responders’ course catered to help people managers and front liners who may come in direct contact with a suicidal attempt within a campus setting.


Ms Porsche Poh
Executive Director, Silver Ribbon (Singapore)
Corporate Secretary, World Federation for Mental Health
Ms Porsche Poh is the Executive Director of Silver Ribbon (Singapore) and also serving as the Corporate Secretary of World Federation for Mental Health.  Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is set up to combat mental health stigma and encourages early treatment in Singapore. Under her leadership, Silver Ribbon (Singapore) collaborated with local and overseas mental health organizations, government agencies, grassroots organizations, religious organizations, school institutions, shopping malls, voluntary welfare organizations, consumers and caregivers to launch a number of notable mental health programmes.   To improve mental health literacy among the Singaporeans, she has developed and conducted a list of mental health training programmes for staff and members of government agencies, universities, voluntary welfare organizations, school institutions, grassroots organizations, and religious groups.  For her contribution in mental health advocacy, Porsche received The Outstanding Young Persons of Singapore Awards from the Junior Chamber International in 2008 and the Singapore Woman Award in 2013.  She published a book entitled ‘Mental Health Revolution-Making Things Happen,’ which detailed the mental health evolvement and transformation in Singapore, and launched it at the World Mental Health Congress in Cape Town in 2011. And, on 31 Oct 2015, she launched another 2 publications titled ‘Mental Health Matters: Handbook for Grassroots Leaders’ and ‘Mind: Your Business’ in commemoration of World Mental Health Day.


Mr Steven Ting
Master of Arts Biblical Studies, Singapore Bible College, Singapore.
Master in Applied (Health) Psychology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA.
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology, University of Central Arkansas, USA.

Mr Steven Ting has been with Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) for 14 years. He is currently the Head of SACS Psychiatric Services which has been accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 2009.  SACS has been receiving consecutive 3-year accreditation awards for all CARF surveys conducted at SACS. Mr Ting has been involved in overseeing the development of a continuum of care for people with psychiatric disabilities which includes 2 residential services, 5 day rehabilitation services, 3 community-based mobile rehabilitation services, and an employment training and support services. He has also been involved in a number of social enterprise projects to provide employment and vocational rehabilitation for the persons served.


Mr Francis Goo
Master in Counselling, Monash University
Bachelor of Arts (English/ Management), Open University
Certified Psychiatric Rehab Practitioner (US)
Diploma in Physical Education (NIE)
Mr Francis Goo has been involved in the mental health field for more than 10 years. He was the Assistant Director of Simei Care Centre, overseeing the clinical services provided by the centre which includes case management and counselling. He conducted the in-house training for the staff and volunteers. Prior to that, he was teaching in the secondary schools for 6 years. Currently, he is with CRSS (Community Rehab Support Services), heading a centre at Pasir Ris. This service provides for home visitation and community outreach.


Ms Audrey Lum
BA (Merit) NUS; BA (Honours –Psychology) University of Queensland
Senior Court Counsellor (Psychologist), Counselling and Psychological Services, State Courts of Singapore

Ms Audrey Lum works with individuals and families at various Court settings and provides various consultation and assessments to complement the Judicial process.  At the Child Focused Resolution Centre where she is currently based, she works regularly with children and parents going through divorce and provides consultation on issues related to divorce and children. Audrey also works with individuals who are experiencing crisis or contemplating suicide, as well as families with proceedings in the Family Courts who are experiencing complex family conflict, family violence and mental health issues in their lives. At the Juvenile (Children Care) Court, she works with children and young persons, with their families, who have proceedings in the Juvenile and Children Care Court, such as Juvenile Arrest cases, Beyond Parental Control cases and Child Protection cases.  Audrey is a qualified instructor for the AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aid) Singapore programme. She also provides in-house training on mental health and in attending to persons in crisis. She has conducted training and presentations on different issues for other Ministries and organizations, such as, MCYS, MOE, CGC, as well as at SSTI (Management of Family Violence – Introduction). She also conducts regular Divorce Information Sessions for the public at the Family Court. Recently, in collaboration with MCYS, she was involved in the production of videos on children’s experience of divorce and the Court process for divorce proceedings, for distribution to VWOs in Singapore.


Dr Tang Hui Kheng
MB, BS (Singapore), MMed (Psychiatry)
Visiting Consultant Psychiatrist, Psychological Medicine, Changi General Hospital & Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Dr Tang Hui Kheng is a Visiting Consultant Psychiatrist to Psychological Medicine Department in Changi General Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She has interests in psycho-oncology, psychotraumatology and mental health issues of healthcare workers. She has helped in the development of the first edition of AMHFA (Adult Mental Health First Aid) Singapore manual and training of past MHFA instructors.


Ms. Sim So Sin
BSc in Occupational Therapy (UK)
Masters in Social Science (Professional Counselling)
Graduate Diploma in Child Psychotherapy Studies (Monash)
Lecturer, Occupational Therapist, Nanyang Polytechnic

Ms Sim So Sin was a member of the Integrated Psychosocial Trauma Support Service at Changi General Hospital (CGH) and KK Women's and Children's Hospital working with children and adults involved in trauma. Her area of interest is in using creative arts as a means of treatment modality. She also works with psychiatric patients and clients with work-related mental health issues. She was the chairman of the Peer Support Program in CGH from 2003-2007.  Ms Sim is a certified ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) trainer for Assisting Individuals in Crisis course and has been teaching courses related to Critical Incident Stress Management, disaster and workplace mental health issues. She has published papers on mental health aspects of SARS and Tsunami. She is also an instructor for Adult Mental Health First Aid programme.


Ms Chan May Peng
MsSOC Counselling (University of South Australia)

Ms Chan May Peng has 6 years of clinical experiences in providing trauma focused counselling and emotional counselling for patients admitted for traumatic injuries.  She uses mainly Solution Focused Brief Therapy (which she has obtained a professional certification in ‘Professional specialization in Solution Focused Practice’ by the Academy of Solution Focused Training).   She is a certified ICISF (International Critical Incident Stress Foundation) trainer for the Assisting Individuals for Crisis, Group Crisis Intervention and the combined Individual and Group Crisis Intervention courses.  She is also a qualified instructor for the Adult Mental Health First Aid Singapore programme.  In addition, she is a member with the Singapore Association for Counselling.