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Development of YMHFA(S)

Youth Mental Health First Aid-Singapore was developed to address mental health issues of young people in Singapore.
YMHFA(S) is necessary as mental health problems often begin during the adolescent years yet these problems tend to be overlooked as symptoms are more subtle and difficult to identify. Early detection and treatment can play a vital role in preventing the deterioration of the condition into a more serious mental health disorder. YMHFA(S) is important as mental health problems in young people are often managed differently when compared to the general adult population. Using video clips, role plays, activities and case discussions specific to young people, YMHFA(S) teaches the participants to recognise and provide initial help to young people with common mental health problems such as depression, self harm, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety and psychosis. Basic first aid steps are used to support the young person in a mental health crisis until the person is referred for professional help.

This course is targeted at those without prior knowledge of mental health issues. It is relevant for anybody who has contact with young people either in a professional capacity (e.g. teachers) or as a volunteer. Staff and volunteers working at youth agencies such as neighbourhood links, family service centres, student support centres, befrienders and youth outreach services can also benefit from this course.